A little Moonshine.

Moving to Virginia after a life in the city, I was surprised to see moonshine everywhere. Apparently its pretty popular now. I had no idea, all I knew about it came from my Grandfather’s stories of people he knew growing up in North Carolina who went blind from drinking it. 

We drive by The Belmont Farm Distillery on our way to Lake Anna most weekends in the summer, and I finally stopped in to buy a bottle to have on hand. I’m not a fan as it turns out. I’ll sip a glass of wine any day over Moonshine.

I am, however, a fan of this Moonshine:

This little fluff joined us when I realized Minnow was hanging around the garage door waiting for me to snuggle her. She needed a friend! 

Most people pick out a kitten for its coloring or playfulness. When I was choosing from a large litter at the rescue, Moonshine was the only kitten who didn’t arch his back and hiss loudly at me. That seemed like a good reason. 

He prefers to be held like a baby, loves to climb trees (and my leg if I’m not quick enough with his food) and is currently obsessed with butterflies. He also has his own instagram hashtag #MoonshineBabyBarnCat if you would like to follow his antics.

I can see how easy it would be to become a crazy cat lady. 


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