The Sentimental Wino

I uncovered a veritable treasure trove of my Grandparents’ and Great Grandparents’ books in some boxes we had in storage this week.. A few beautiful Norwegian books from the late 1800’s were the most exciting. 

My Grandmother, and last surviving Grandparent passed away 4 years ago. She enriched my life in more ways than I could ever thank her for. The gifts of her love and guidance and friendship still power me through my days. 

I had her on my mind as we went to Wegmans for groceries after box sorting. My “Ma” loved a cold glass of chardonnay (and martinis but that is another story) so I decided to find a bottle to go with dinner that night. She almost always said as we ordered a glass, “I’ve searched for the perfect chardonnay forever. I don’t think it exists”.

I wish she had lived to come wine tasting with me out here in the country. My favorite Chardonnay in the universe is made less than 4 miles from our home at Pearmund Cellars but I gave my last bottle as a gift last week so I was prowling for something new to try. 

How do you choose a bottle of wine if you have never heard of any of the ones in front of you? I have no idea, so I usually go for a pretty label. Or a clever name. It would probably make more sense to ask for a recommendation, but making sense isn’t really my thing. 

In the mix that day was a bottle of Chardonnay from Bread and Butter Wines in Napa. I felt like it was a sign from the Chardonnay gods. My Ma was the only person I’ve ever known to say “Bread and Butter!”. When we held hands walking somewhere and were forced apart by an obstacle like another person, a tree, a pole etc she would say it to shoo away the bad luck of being separated. I haven’t thought of it in years and there, in the wine aisle I could hear her voice clear as day saying it and laughing a bit with her adorable laugh. 

I was pleasantly surprised by this wine! Clean, fresh and citrusy with slightly floral undertones. I think I even detected a suggestion of vanilla. It was brilliant with the pulled ranch chicken I made for dinner. I will definitely buy more to keep in our collection.

The last glass was enjoyed the next night on the porch with a feather toy and my Moonshine. 


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