Pink Wine in a Lake.

It’s been a fantastic summer of Rosé. I still have some stragglers I want to try, including this bottle of Pigmentum Malbec Rosé. I dragged it with me to the Lake House to try over Labor Day weekend. 

It smelled wonderful, crisp, fresh and fruity. It had subtle flavors of a slightly tart cherry and it was slightly sweet. I enjoyed it, and it’s under $10 price tag, but probably wouldn’t buy it again because of the sweetness.

The rest of the weekend was wonderful. September let it’s presence in Virginia be known with a chilly wind and clouds but I was still able to get a few toddler kayak moments in with my little Blondie. 

The cats stay home, but my sweet old lady Fresca came with b us as usual. She is pushing 12 and has been with me most of those. She doesn’t enjoy swimming but will happily stand on the dock with me. The September wind made her ears quite flappy.

Despite the chill, we enjoyed our weekend. I wish I had thought to bring several types of Rosé and done a tasting with our friends. Maybe next time. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!


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