Rainstorm wine.

The first time I encountered Rainstorm silver linings Pinot Noir Rosé I was in our beach rental at Wrightsville Beach NC. My family has gone to WB NC yearly for over 100 years, even before there was a bridge to drive onto the charming barrier island. My cousin told me to grab it when we were at the liquor store and I fell in love!

With aromas of pomegranate and rose petals, it holds its own in my opinion, among my favorite rose’s. It might be my favorite. The color is deep blush pink and it is so incredibly smooth. I could drink this all year.

I finally found a bottle locally and a few nights later we had a rainstorm,  so out it came!

It was the perfect sipping wine while I attempted to cook kale that the men in my life would actually eat. 

Guess who ended up eating all of it herself? C’est la guerre. I have 3 sons and a finicky man. My attempts to entice them to try new things are failures. Except for the Pinterest enchiladas of 2014. They beg for those. 

So back to our boring menus of pasta and chicken and pizza, but I’ve got my rainstorm wine and that will just have to do for now. 


3 thoughts on “Rainstorm wine.

  1. I enjoy the artwork of the labels on the bottles and this one is really pretty. Your description of the wine has me intrigued…will probably have to try it!!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that label at the stores where I shop, but I’m going to be looking a little closer the next time.

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