It’s fall Y’all!!

Yes. This is a bottle of wine dressed in camo. Seemed appropriate considering our next door neighbor was shooting a “critter” in his yard at 11pm yesterday. 

When I first discovered my love for wine, my young taste buds flipped like a lights witch with the seasons. Red when it was cold, white when it was warm. 

Then there was the box wine phase. It was before boxed wine was fancy abd acceptable, and well, all I could afford.

Now I have what I call wine moods. My current wine mood is for something crisp and sparkly. 

Several months ago I did what I always do and bought a bottle of wine because I liked the lable. Sea Salt Sauvignin Blanc came home with me. 

It was so incredible I went back for 4 more bottles to keep on hand to serve friends! It is so refreshing with a citrus bouquet and just the tiniest effervescence. I love it! Not too sweet or tart. A great middle of the road white. 
If my neighbor keeps up his nocturnal hunting I may need a few more bottles…

Cats update: Moonshine has a new way of greeting me when I arrive home. 


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